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Our Work with Businesses

We routinely help our clients with forming new businesses and advise them about compliant business practices. Our team has extensive knowledge of limited liability companies, s-corporations, c-corporations, partnerships, and sole-proprietorships. In addition to these types of businesses, we also assist with starting up non-profit organizations and charitable foundations. Not only do our attorneys have experience with setting up these types of business, but they also advise clients on taxes during the process of choosing an entity type. Our attorneys combine their transactional and advisory skills with their business knowledge to assist their clients with business needs.

Our Work in Real Estate

Our business and real estate attorneys are well-versed in multiple areas of law relating to real estate. We cover the basics of real estate law like purchasing or selling real estate plus foreclosure-related issues. Our attorneys are highly experienced with real estate sales, helping you get a better value while being aware of all required disclosures. The real estate team works closely with our litigation team, allowing them to cover issues in and out of the courtroom. Not only do we cover purchases and sales, but we also cover any problems regarding land. These problems can refer to natural resources as well as different structures.

What Transactional Work do we do?

Transactional work is crucial to the practices of business and real estate. The attorneys at Kimball Anderson are highly skilled in writing and drafting agreements and contracts for different business types. We have experience in drafting and updating by-laws in addition to operating agreements and partnership agreements for businesses. We often review, write, and negotiate contracts dealing with employment, services, and sales. Members of our business and real estate team have significant experience in both residential and commercial lease agreements. Typically we draft, review, and negotiate buy/sell agreements, contracts for real estate sales, and construction contracts. The writing of contracts is crucial, but our attorneys also have experience with mergers, financings, and other transaction agreements.

What Advisory Work do we do?

We at Kimball Anderson believe that it is important to advise our clients while also handling their transactions. We provide advice to new businesses and old businesses alike. Because transactions are so complex in the business and real estate world, we consult with our clients before signing agreements. We identify compliance and legal-related issues before they can cause problems, attempting to avoid any litigation. This advice can help you to circumvent any future concerns that may arise within your business. Along with advisory work for businesses, we also advise clients on asset protection and estate planning strategies. Our attorneys can also act as outside counsel, giving you more options to retain their advice.

Our Business and Real Estate Practice

Our team of business and real estate attorneys has immense combined experience in a significant range of practice areas spanning from asset protection to natural resources. The collaborative spirit at Kimball Anderson means that no matter what area of law you need help with, there will be an experienced attorney available to provide counsel. Each attorney employed with us is highly knowledgable and well-versed in their practice areas. We value efficiency with our clients, seeing that their cases go as smoothly as possible with minimal wasted time. Our team also has experience with litigation and can assist with the practice areas listed on that page. The list of practice areas to the left includes each business and real estate area practiced by the attorneys at Kimball Anderson.

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