Asset Protection

utah asset protection attorneys

Utah Asset Protection Attorneys

When acquiring assets, taking the necessary steps to protect these assets from liability or creditors is extremely important. We at Kimball Anderson have a team with both the experience and dedication to ensuring that your assets are protected. Our team has significant experience with reviewing business and personal investment structures. We will assess your circumstances and help establish business entities, including limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations. Our team collaborates with their clients to find the best possible way to protect their assets.

Our team of asset protection attorneys is well-versed in reviewing and drafting contracts, as well as buy/sell agreements, to protect your interest in your property and investments. Creating an irrevocable trust is another way to protect assets from liability by transferring the assets to another person. Our team can easily create and manage these trusts, allowing you to be free of worries about your assets.

The attorneys here at Kimball Anderson believe that asset protection is of the utmost importance. This importance is why our team collaborates with their clients and advises them on purchasing assets and tax planning. Protecting your assets is crucial. Whether you are a business owner or an individual saving money, the asset protection team at Kimball Anderson is here to help.