Eminent Domain

utah eminent domain attorneys

Utah Eminent Domain Attorneys

Federal, state, and local governments maintain broad powers to acquire private property for public use. As populations grow, more space is necessary for building roads and utilities to improve people’s lives. For this reason, governments can acquire private property from owners without consent. Eminent Domain disputes often arise and can have the possibility to devolve into ugliness and fighting. Fights can ensue over the value paid for the condemned property or the government’s right to enforce its eminent domain powers in the first place.

In the State of Utah, property owners have special rights revolving around eminent domain. As it stands, the government cannot take property from its owner without just compensation. When going through the condemnation process, our team of lawyers can help to ensure that you are receiving the total market value of your property from the condemner. Our team is knowledgeable about the appraisal process and can ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.

We at Kimball Anderson approach eminent domain from a practical perspective. Our team combines the experience of our real estate lawyers with the courtroom skills of our trial lawyers. We have experience representing individuals and businesses in eminent domain proceedings brought by condemning agencies, securing complete, fair compensation for the land taken. We have also initiated and successfully prosecuted actions on behalf of landowners, forcing governmental agencies to acquire land that regulation or governmental action has rendered unusable. Our lawyers are also extensively familiar with the nuances of inverse condemnation.