Estate Planning

utah estate planning attorneys

Utah Estate Planning Attorneys

Proper estate planning ensures that your family is taken care of, even after you are gone. We at Kimball Anderson believe that estate planning is highly collaborative and necessary to ensure that the handing down of assets occurs smoothly. Going through the estate planning process can negate many issues ranging from child care disputes to family member fights or probate. Our team of estate planning attorneys has a breadth of knowledge, with the skills to create wills or trusts to avoid these types of difficult situations.

Typically, estate planning occurs together with asset protection as a way to manage assets. While this tends to be the most frequent sub-area of estate planning, our attorneys have a wealth of experience with wills, trust, and medical directives. Wills tend to be a simple way to ensure that your assets disperse correctly and your family is well protected. Medical directives are especially relevant for those who have strong opinions about their medical care. Our attorneys also have experience in powers of attorney and organ donation designations.

Our estate planning team can also ensure that if your estate is worth more than a million dollars, the rules of gifting will work in your favor, allowing your family to receive a larger share of your net worth at the time of your passing. With the creation of end-of-life plans, we at Kimball Anderson are prepared to make the process as simple as possible.