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Utah Franchise Attorneys

Starting a franchise is a big decision, and our attorneys have the experience to make it simple. Our franchise team works with franchisees and franchisors alike, having a complete understanding of what is necessary to own a franchise and turn a business into a successful franchise. We represent franchisees in their franchise purchases while reviewing due diligence and ensuring there are no issues within franchise documents. We also establish compliance for our clients and advise franchisors while shifting to a franchise-based business model. Our team can discern whether or not franchising is the best business model for a client’s business, making sure that no time or money goes to waste in the process.

Transactional work is a significant part of the franchising process. Our team of franchise attorneys has a breadth of knowledge about Franchise Disclosure Documents, having been involved in the reviewing and analyzing process a multitude of times. Negotiating dealer and franchise agreements is second nature to our team, allowing the process to be as efficient as possible.

We have measurable experience consulting with franchisee associations and multi-unit owner groups relating to their associated rights and obligations. Our team has worked extensively with franchise (and dealership) systems across many industries and sectors including, hospitality, quick service restaurants, mortuary supplies, and more.