Natural Resources

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Utah Natural Resource Attorneys

Land, animals, air, water, and fish are all considered natural resources. Either a federal, state, local, or foreign government owns these resources. These natural resources tend to be shrouded in complex laws that regulate protection and use but are challenging to understand. The rules involving natural resources govern how people can use resources or occupy land. Our firm can help in multiple jurisdictions outside of Utah, as well as anywhere within the state.

We can assist private landowners who need to either protect or establish their properties’ natural resource rights. Our team has experience in representing small and large mining companies, tailoring business plans to fit their needs. We can structure and negotiate acquisitions, assist with legal reviews, and review water access rights. As a team, we have represented clients in obtaining mining and water rights for various projects.

Our natural resources team has experience not only in Utah but across the United States. In-state, our attorneys have represented a rock quarry in Herriman for the past ten years. We even have team members who have personally conducted exploration and mining activities for a gold mine in Alaska. Because our natural resources team has roots in real estate, they also have experience with understanding and explaining water and other natural resource rights on personal properties.