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utah non-profit organization attorneys

Utah Non-Profit Organization Attorneys

Non-profit organizations have a unique set of rules that differentiate them from a standard business. Because of these rules, the creation of a non-profit organization can become complex. The attorneys at Kimball Anderson have substantial experience with starting non-profit organizations and can efficiently guide you through the processing of receiving tax-exempt status.

The beginning stages of creating a non-profit organization are simple. Our team of business formation attorneys is highly skilled in getting a business running and tends to collaborate with our non-profit team. Non-profit organizations become more complex after the entity’s formation. First, our attorneys have to consult with the non-profit creator to see if the planned entity will qualify with the IRS for tax-exempt status. At this stage, our team uses its transactional knowledge to work on the company’s bylaws and policies. These contracts must reflect specific statements and rules for the company to achieve non-profit classification.

The attorneys within our non-profit organization team have unequaled experience with the IRS. Not only do they have immeasurable experience in filling out the necessary forms, but they are adept at solving taxation issues that could affect your business.

Our team can assist your non-profit goals in many ways by consulting with you throughout the process. We can help with gifting, governance, due diligence, compliance, and liability questions. We are also able to guide our clients on taxation issues and trusts.