utah copyright attorneys

Utah Copyright Attorneys

Copyright is a type of protection granted for artistic, literary, or other original works. For work to be original, it must have individual creation, and for it to be creative, it must have a “spark” of creativity. Novels, movies, music, software, and photographs can all seek copyright protection. Works that are both published and unpublished can be copyrighted.

Copyright protection is unique in that everyone who creates an original, creative work is a copyright owner. Owners have the exclusive rights to reproduce, perform, and distribute copies of the work. These exclusive rights last for the life of the author plus seventy years.

Even though being an author or creator makes you a copyright owner inherently, it is crucial to register the work for its protection. Registering a copyright allows for its defense in the courtroom, allowing owners to seek damages when another uses their work illegally.

The application process for registering copyright includes filling out an application, paying the filing fee, and providing a copy of the work. The copyright attorneys here at Kimball Anderson are experts in the copyright process. They have the skills to complete the process on behalf of their clients while simplifying it and ensuring compliance.