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Utah Trademark Attorneys

A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design that represents a business. Trademarks are easily recognizable and are only legally protected in reference to the goods and services provided under them. A trademark’s primary use is to differentiate from competitors and build a brand image. They are also increasingly important to a company’s advertising strategy, as they can signal to customers that a new good or service belongs to a known brand.

Registering a trademark is not a requirement since a person becomes a trademark owner after using their symbol or design with their goods or services. However, registration is a crucial part of the trademark process. Without registering a trademark, it lacks many protections that can be key if another company decides to use a symbol or phrase that is similar.

The registration process for trademarks can be complicated, which is why our team of trademark attorneys is prepared to assist with applications. The first step is to consider if the symbol or phrase can be registered and how difficult it is to protect. Because our intellectual property attorneys also have experience with litigation, their opinions about protection are invaluable. Before applying, it is crucial to decide what type of mark is needed. The basis for filing will also need to be known to complete the application.

The application itself is straightforward but time-consuming. The application process can take several months because an examining attorney needs to ensure that the application complies. Our team of trademark attorneys will not only go through all pre-application requirements with you but work to mitigate any compliance issues within the application. Our team also works closely with the intellectual property litigation team, so they can protect your IP once the application process is complete.