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What is Litigation?

In its most basic form, litigation is the process of settling a dispute within a court of law or outside of one. This dispute can be any disagreement between two people that involves the enforcement or defense of a legal right. There is a common misconception that litigation exists only to deal with lawsuits. There are typically many litigation cases that never evolve that far. Our team of experienced attorneys has experience with each step of the litigation process.

What is the Litigation Process?

Litigation begins with an investigation. Within this step, our attorneys work with their clients to find out everything they can about the case. We believe that collaboration is key to litigation-based research. Typically within this investigation phase, negotiations are begun. Many litigation cases end with a settlement during these negotiations. Our team of attorneys has experience in the art of negotiating, with the aim being to reach a settlement that makes their clients happy.

When a settlement does not occur, a lawsuit officially begins. Our litigation attorneys understand the discovery process and make it as efficient as possible. At Kimball Anderson, we believe in having a collaborative spirit, making the discovery period less stressful. Once the discovery period ends, the case moves on to trial. A litigation process can consist of several hearings before a final decision. Within this step, a judge or jury makes the final decision for the parties involved and ensures that the court follows all applicable rules.

After a trial, our attorneys continue to work on the case, ensuring there are no loose ends. The awards offered can be both disputed and negotiated. In situations where the target outcome did not occur, the filing of an appeal can occur within a higher court. Our attorneys have invaluable experience in appellate courts. Litigation can be a long process, where the efficient attorneys at Kimball Anderson become a necessity.

Our Litigation Practice

There is a significant amount of cross-over between litigation and other areas of law. Our team of litigation attorneys has experience with a substantial range of litigation-based practice areas. Our team’s experience ranges from those primarily focusing on real estate to those focusing on intellectual property. Our attorneys collaborate and work together on cases to ensure that their clients are in the best hands possible. The list of practice areas to the left includes each litigation area practiced by the attorneys at Kimball Anderson.

Litigation Attorneys