utah appellate attorneys

Utah Appellate Attorneys

When a case is going through the litigation process within a trial court, the preferred outcome does not always occur. When this happens, the losing party can take their case to a higher appellate court. Judges and juries occasionally make mistakes, but our appellate attorneys here at Kimball Anderson have significant experience with the appellate court system.

Appellate cases can span many different practice areas, making collaboration a crucial part of the process. Our appellate team confers with other attorneys at Kimball Anderson to provide their clients with the best possible care. Because our attorneys work together across practice areas, we can cover appellate cases related to any of our practice areas. The collaborative effort we have at Kimball Anderson allows our clients and attorneys to work together on their legal issues, using clear communication.

Our team of appellate attorneys has the skills required to overturn or preserve decisions for our clients. At Kimball Anderson, we believe that knowledge of the law, persuasive writing, and research are the most crucial skills when litigating appellate cases. Our attorneys have mastered appellate writing by developing their skills during their combined thousands of hours within the courtroom.

Here at Kimball Anderson, we cover appellate cases for clients looking to either defend or reverse results not initially handled by our firm. As a team, we are prepared to review previous trial records, do research, draft documents, and appear in court for our clients. Our appellate attorneys have not only won crucial decisions for their clients but have earned numerous published decisions.