Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights

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Utah Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights Attorneys


Having large debts dragging down your business or your credit score can be scary. As debt grows, it can become challenging to manage on your own. If you are an individual looking to eliminate your debt without forfeiting your personal property, we can provide help. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys can also support businesses looking to reorganize all of their owed debts.

We put our extensive knowledge of U.S. bankruptcy laws to good use, helping individuals stop creditor harassment and end pesky collection calls. We have also helped individuals earn additional time for mortgage payments, stopped foreclosure proceedings, prevented vehicle repossession, and stopped wage garnishments. Our goal at Kimball Anderson is to help our clients earn a fresh financial start.

We help companies navigate through the complex U.S. Bankruptcy Code to find debt relief and creditor protection. Bankruptcy Code can be challenging to go through alone, but our attorneys are very knowledgeable about the subject. Our team can also help by providing substantial advice about negotiating with creditors, reducing debts, and collecting Accounts Receivable. Understanding how to file for protection under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code and protect operations during cash flow problems is crucial. Thankfully, our attorneys can help with that while getting back profitability through selling assets.

Our bankruptcy team at Kimball Anderson dedicates themselves to helping our clients keep as many assets as possible throughout the bankruptcy process. Our goal is to get our clients out of debt without the loss of personal or business assets.

Creditor's Rights

As a firm, we also protect creditor’s rights in their attempts to receive repaid debts. If a debtor is avoiding you, we can advise you and suggest different strategies to get your money back. Our attorneys are litigation experts, so if your case goes to court, we can represent you. At Kimball Anderson, we have experience in arbitration and mediation, allowing us to help you to settle outside of court.