Commercial Litigation

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utah commercial litigation attorneys

Utah Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial litigation is often known as business litigation. This type of litigation involves business entities and any dispute that can occur within a business. Typically, commercial litigation cases can include partnership disputes, class action cases, fiduciary disputes, or breach of contract. Business issues can also involve corporate control, trade, consumer fraud, and shareholder cases.

Commercial litigation can occur both in and out of a courtroom or result in a settlement. In many situations, businesses will include arbitration clauses in contracts to ensure that any litigation issues occur out of the courtroom and maintain privacy. In these cases, the arbitration attorneys at Kimball Anderson are prepared to step in.

Commercial litigation follows the same processes as a typical litigation case. Because the cases involve businesses, they tend to be higher profile and require more experience for success. Our commercial litigation attorneys believe that a successful case begins with the development of a comprehensive proof outline. It is crucial to base commercial litigation cases on facts, applicable law, and sound judgment. The team here at Kimball Anderson has experience taking business cases to trial and can support clients throughout the process.

We are experts with substantial knowledge about the dispute process and exceptional trial skills. Because we are collaborative at Kimball Anderson, there will always be experienced business attorneys working on commercial litigation cases. We believe that litigation cases should be as efficient as possible.