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Utah Defamation Attorneys

Defamation occurs when someone makes a statement about a person or business that damages their reputation. These defamatory statements can be either verbal or written, with many occurring online. Damaging remarks can follow an individual or business for a long time. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about defamation law, giving them the experience needed to work on many different kinds of defamation cases.

Typically, defamation occurs when an individual’s reputation is negatively affected by the statement of another individual. These defamation cases can also happen in a business context, with competitors saying or posting defamatory remarks about their competition. Even though the First Amendment protects the right to free speech, the inclusion of opinions is not always guaranteed. This exclusion allows the trying of offensive or damaging statements as defamation.

Defamation can be a complex area of the law, with subtle rules and additions of new appellate decisions. Within the State of Utah, a person who is claiming defamation needs to prove that the statements against them were false, resulted in damages, and the individual behind them acted with fault. Essentially, attorneys must prove that the individual or business behind the defamatory statements made them purposefully intending to hurt the subject of the remarks.

The defamation team at Kimball Anderson represents both sides of the average defamation case with clients who need to protect their first amendment rights and others who need help with defamatory statements against them. We have experience with defamation cases occurring both online and offline. Our team of defamation attorneys responds to these cases efficiently to remove slanderous remarks or mitigate their harm. In addition to harm mitigation, our team is also committed to pursuing remedies to cover damage already caused by defamation.