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Family law can be one of the most emotionally draining areas of the law. The experience and knowledge that our attorneys have allows them to craft efficient solutions to legal issues within the area of family law. From complex divorces and child custody battles to adoption, the attorneys at Kimball Anderson can help you in and out of the courtroom.


Divorce is one of the most common issues our attorneys deal with in the area of family law. Divorces can range from simple court dealings to complex matters that can become confusing and difficult for our clients. We understand how the court system works and are experts in all court dealings surrounding divorce.

Child Custody and Parental Rights

Child custody decisions can be one of the most complex areas of the divorce process. At Kimball Anderson, we understand how challenging the process is and provide support for our clients. Many assume that the mother will always receive physical custody after a divorce. In reality, decisions are made based on the best interests of the child. We have experience with joint, sole, and split custody agreements. We also focus on protecting the parental rights of our clients and informing them of their rights.

Child Support and Alimony Contests

When deciding child support payments, courts typically look at the income of each parent. Courts also factor in the amount of time that each parent will be spending with the child. We have experience representing clients in many different child support cases as well as alimony contests. While alimony is not always part of a divorce, it can be asked for by either spouse. Alimony is different than child support, as the goal is to provide stability while adapting to single life.


An annulment is different than a divorce, having numerous requirements that you need to meet to qualify. Annulments can occur in situations where one person was below the legal age or already married. It is also possible for annulments to be valid when one or both partners were not of sound mind at the time of marriage. In these specific situations, it is possible to nullify a marriage without divorce. Our family law attorneys have experience with the annulment process and the knowledge to walk their clients through the process.


In terms of adoptions, our attorneys ensure that all documents and processes are in legal compliance. We have experience with adoption processes in and out of courtrooms. Our family law attorneys have litigated adoption cases in addition to guardianship cases.

Domestic Violence Assertions

At Kimball Anderson, we have experience dealing with assertions of domestic violence. For cases of verbal abuse, physical abuse, or disorderly conduct, our attorneys understand how to obtain restraining orders or orders of protection for their clients. We also have experience in litigating the violation of these orders to protect our clients.