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utah franchise litigation attorneys

Utah Franchise Litigation Attorneys

While many firms choose to shift their focus to franchisees or franchisers, we at Kimball Anderson believe good clients need good lawyers. Our franchise team is not devoted to either side of the distribution channel; we take on franchisors and franchisees alike. We have experience with franchises in various industries, including hospitality, quick service restaurants, mortuary supplies, and more. Kimball Anderson’s franchise and distribution attorneys have been recognized on an annual basis, nationally, by The Best Lawyers in America® for their work in franchising.


Ensuring that your business has reliable representation by franchisees is crucial when choosing to use a franchise model. If a franchisee is misrepresenting itself, committing fraud, or breaching its original agreement, we can rectify the situation. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience with litigation and expertise with mediation, a solid first step in the process to avoid bad press for your business. Our firm has several intellectual property attorneys available to assist with trademark infringement issues whenever they occur. When a franchisee disputes fee payments or breaches non-compete clauses, the team at Kimball Anderson has the skills to help.


At Kimball Anderson, we do not only represent franchisors in matters involving franchises. As a franchisee, your rights are just as relevant as franchisors’. Often a franchisor will sue a franchisee for advertising, payment disputes, breaches, defaults, or termination issues. Our team of franchise litigation attorneys has the knowledge required to guide you through lawsuits and protect your assets. At Kimball Anderson, we also support our clients when franchisors are not meeting the criteria laid out in the Franchise Disclosure Document. Our franchise litigation team has the skill and experience necessary to represent franchisees in lawsuits against franchisors involving breaches of agreement, disclosure violations, fraud, encroachment, or wrongful termination. We know that it can be intimidating to be involved in litigation with a franchisor but, our team is here to provide an effective and efficient solution.