Real Estate Litigation

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utah real estate litigation attorneys

Utah Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

The real estate practice at Kimball Anderson doesn’t just focus on transactional issues and work. Our real estate attorneys are also well-versed in litigation, allowing us to assist you with any real estate issues that go to court.

Real estate litigation involves any dispute that occurs due to real property or an interest in real property. These disputes can happen while acquiring property or after a property is acquired. Often real estate litigation involves disputes about property boundaries, trespassing, adjacent properties, and property rights use. Our team of real estate attorneys has courtroom experience with many different kinds of issues.

We have experience with work on title issues and any land purchasing issues that can lead to litigation. Our team is also knowledgeable in environmental, landlord-tenant, and eminent domain issues. Because our real estate litigation lawyers also have transactional experience, they can cover problems inside and outside the courtroom.

While real estate litigation can get complicated, with disputes over the value or cost of properties and construction delays, the attorneys at Kimball Anderson are prepared to help. Because collaboration is a crucial component within our law firm, our lawyers can efficiently find the solution to any problem.